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Rachael Yamagata, Euro Tour 2019, artist.people

video: "Over"

video to "Nobody"


Quick short facts:


  • born in Arlington, Virginia
  • working with the likes of Ryan Adams, Jason Mraz, Ray LaMontagne, Bright Eyes and The Muppets ;-)))
  • Songs appeared in numerous TV-series like: "How I Met Your Mother", "ER", "Smallville", "The O.C.", "Grey's Anatomy" and "Nip/Tuck".
  • Songs used in Hollywood-Productions including movies like (among many more): "Elisabethtown" with Kirsten Dunst, Orlando Bloom, Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin... "In Her Shoes" with Cameron Diaz, Shirley MacLaine and Toni Collette..."Prime" with Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep..."The Last Kiss" with Zach Braff and Casey Affleck...."Definitely, Maybe" with Rachel Weisz and Ryan Reynolds..."Hope Springs" with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones....
  • Rachael Yamagata's albums "Happenstance" and "Chesapeake" were produduced by John Alagia (best known for working with Dave Matthews and John Mayer's debut album "Room For Squares")
  • Rachael is the one half of her twin brother Benjamin.
  • Rachael's mother was an artist and painter born in China by an Italian-German derived family...her father was an Japanese descendant US-American...
  • Rachael Yamagata started making music in a Chicago based funk band called "Bumpus".
  • Rachael's first live appearance as a solo artist was in Los Angeles at "The Viper Room" ... wicked !!!
  • First solo tour in GERMANY in February 2015 (München, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Köln, Stuttgart, Duisburg, Hamburg and sold out in Berlin)
  • RY will tour Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, Seoul) end of May/earlyJune 2015...and later in June Rachael toured the US with her long-time music friends David Gray and Amos Lee...
  • big European headliner tour (Scotland, England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain)
  • November 2015 headliner tour in the USA (all major cities with sold out shows)
  • 2016 Europe again !!! Rachael Yamagata tour in January/February 2016 as support for the fabulous Joshua Radin
  • 2016 May/June: Asia dates and later this year USA
  • 2016 Sept/Oct big US tour - and Nov. China and UK
  • 2017 April/May European Tour
  • 2018 US tour in January, February, March
  • 2018 in June first appearance in Tbilisi, GEORGIA

 check out some videos on youtube:

video Rachael Yamagata - Even If I Don't

video Rachael Yamagata - Starlight

Rachael Yamagata -You Won't Let Me - Live at Suite 268 (live as Trio)

Rachael Yamagata - Dealbreaker - Live at Suite 268 (live as Trio)

Sunday Afternoon - long version

Discography (as solo artist):


  • Happenstance (2004)
  • Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart (2008)
  • Cheasapeake (2012)
  • NEW ALBUM "Tightrope Walker" (2016)

the brandnew album - - - out now !!!





upcoming tour dates (Europe):

Rachael Yamagata, Tbilisi Open Air

2018 June 23, Tbilisi Open Air, Tbilisi, GEORGIA

come back soon to check for new dates

Euro Spring Tour 2019

2019 April 23, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
2019 April 24, Rotown, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS
2019 April 25, Privatclub, Berlin, GERMANY
2019 April 28, Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, GERMANY

2019 May 03, Arci Progresso, Firenze, ITALY
2019 May 04, Wishlist, Roma, ITALY
2019 May 06, All'1e35 Circa, Cantu' (Como, Milano). ITALY
2019 May 07, Blah Blah, Torino, ITALY

...more dates will be announced soon...

for additional details please check out also:


recent tour dates (Europe):

Rachael Yamagata Euro Tour 2017 with Ed Romanoff

RACHAEL YAMAGATA - Solo Europe 2017 "Tightrope Walker" - Tour

2017 April 14, Omeara, London, ENGLAND (UK)

2017 April 15, Omeara, London, ENGLAND (UK)

2017 April 18, Feierwerk, München, GERMANY

2017 April 20, Moritzbastei, Leipzig, GERMANY
2017 April 21, Privatclub, Berlin, GERMANY
2017 April 22, Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg, GERMANY
2017 April 23, Bands in a barn (Headliner), Diessen, NETHERLANDS
2017 April 24, Paradiso-Noord Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

2017 April 27, Fonderia Aperta Teatro, Verona, ITALY

2017 April 28, Wishlist, Roma, ITALY

2017 May 05, Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm, Barcelona, SPAIN

2017 May 06, Costello Club, Madrid, SPAIN

2017 May 07, Lost Collective, Lisbon, PORTUGAL



2016 november 17, Islington, London, ENGLAND (UK)

2016 november 20, Islington, London, ENGLAND (UK) ---SOLD OUT---

2016 november 21, The King's Arms, Salford/Manchester, ENGLAND (UK)  

2016 november 22, Mono, Glasgow, SCOTLAND (UK)

opening for Joshua Radin



RACHAEL YAMAGATA - Solo Europe - Tour

2015 september 15, The Electric Circus, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND (UK)    

2015 september 17, The Arts Club, Liverpool, ENGLAND (UK)  

2015 september 18, The Temple, Birmingham, ENGLAND (UK) 

2015 september 19, The Garage (main room), London, ENGLAND (UK)  

2015 september 21, Logo, Hamburg, GERMANY 

2015 september 22, Heimathafen, Berlin, GERMANY

2015 september 24, Club Il Giardino, Lugagnano di Sona (Verona), ITALY

2015 september 25, Boca Barranca, Ravenna, ITALY

2015 september 26, Bar Rossi, Zürich, SWITZERLAND 

2015 september 28, Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, GERMANY

2015 september 29, Bitterzoet, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

2015 september 30, Rotown, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

2015 october 1, De Nieuwe Erf, Diessen (near Tilburg), NETHERLANDS 

2015 october 4, Bikini, Barcelona, SPAIN   


RACHAEL YAMAGATA - Solo Germany-Tour

2015 february 19th, Milla Club, Munich, GERMANY

2015 february 20th, Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, GERMANY

2015 february 21th, Moritzbastei, Leipzig, GERMANY

2015 february 22nd, Studio 672, Cologne (Köln), GERMANY

2015 february 23rd, Zwölfzehn, Stuttgart, GERMANY

2015 february 24th, Steinbruch, Duisburg, GERMANY

2015 february 26th, Uebel & Gefährlich, Hamburg, GERMANY

2015 february 27h, Privatclub, Berlin, GERMANY ---SOLD OUT--- 



Rachael Yamagata on TV (in Germany):


NDR-kulturjournal, September 2015 


Rachael Yamagata on TV (in Italy):


Rachael Yamagata "printed" (in Germany/Europe):   

Yamagata, buscadero, artist.people.promotion

Rachael Yamagata in "Buscadero", one of Italy's best music magazines, November 2015



Rachael Yamagata, Hamburg pur, Sept 2015

Rachael Yamagata, Hamburg pur, Sept 2015

Rachael Yamagata, Stader Tageblatt

Rachael Yamagata, Stader Tageblatt 2015



Abendzeitung, München

Abendzeitung, München, 19.02.2015



SZ, Süddeutsche Zeitung, München 19.02.2015


tz, München, 19.02.2015


Journal Frankfurt (page 60), February 2015


Journal Frankfurt (page 5), February 2015


Moritzbastei, February Journal, 2015


Rachael Yamagata, Stader Tageblatt

Rachael Yamagata, Stader Tageblatt 2015


Frankfurter Neue Presse, 20.02.2015: Tagestipp (Advice for the day)


NRZ, Duisburg, 24.02.2015


NRZ, Duisburg 24.02.2015: daily planner 'best for today'


Hamburger Abendblatt (LIVE), Hamburg, 26.02.2015


Berliner Morgenpost, Berlin, 27.02.2015


Brotfabrik, Frankfurt, monthly flyer, front page

Moritzbastei, Leipzig, monthly magazine, front page

Milla Club, München (house flyer magazine)



 RACHAEL YAMAGATA "at the stations":  

Rachael Yamagata, Qmusic, Jan Kooijman

Rachael Yamagata at Qmusic Radio in Amsterdam for Morning Show interview and live performance (w. TV- & radio host Jan Kooijman, Morning Show-hosts Mattie & Wietze, guitarist Michael Chaves)


Rachael Yamagata (& Michael Chaves), Radio1 Berlin

Rachael Yamagata (& Michael Chaves), Radio 1 Berlin (Sept 2015)




Rachael Yamagata Munich Radio, M94.5

Rachael Yamagata Munich Radio, M94.5


Rachael Yamagata at Antenne Frankfurt

Rachael Yamagata at Antenne Frankfurt


Rachael Yamagata at SWR1, Stuttgart

Rachael Yamagata at SWR1, Stuttgart


Rachael Yamagata at Tide Radio, Hamburg

Rachael Yamagata at Tide Radio, Hamburg

Rachael Yamagata, NDR-TV, Hamburg

Rachael Yamagata, NDR-TV-Special, Hamburg

Rachael Yamagata, NDR-TV, Hamburg

Rachael Yamagata, NDR-TV-Special, Hamburg

Rachael Yamagata, Wave Radio, Berlin

Rachael Yamagata, Wave Radio, Berlin


Rachael Yamagata, Radio Eins (RBB), Berlin

Rachael Yamagata, Radio Eins (RBB), Berlin (Feburary 2015)