philosophy . . .


...who said "music was my first love and it will be my last"? Alrighty: John Miles (I've been working with him, too - oh yeah decades away...I was driving him in a limousine proudly from A to B...that's where all started...we had the year 1981) 


...we really love music...we further more love musicians...but most of all: we love artists. Me by myself was starting as a music making, artists for us are not primarily musicians...yes...even for me my first love was music...but will it be my last? I love the art of craftsmanship of Native Americans (e.g. Hopis) and all the great painters (Hey, Jackson Pollock: You will always be my hero...and hey, Gerhard Richter: If you wouldn't be there life wouldn't be so great for me)...I honestly respect people who are creative in many ways...the facets of them all is the road to art...


...our ethics in management are: we only take care of artists we love...those we honestly adore...there must be something we believe in from the bottom of our hearts...


...we think: it's so hard to live as an artist that we have to support artist people we believe in...we will never work with artists we don't believe in...because our main focus is not money...the main focus is making the world a better place with fine art... (sounds cheesy? Yeah...but it's true) 


...if YOU are passionate enough to live your dream of being an artist we might consider you as a client...once we have agreed to you we will stick with you for good and bad - through thick and shall be like a marriage between you and us...


...and if we are convinced of you...we will give it our best shot and push like hell to convince the rest of the world...promised.  


... our philosophy is simple and clear: artists first 



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Ed Romanoff "The Orphan King"
Ed Romanoff's new album: "The Orphan King"